Pipeline Movement

Pipeline graphics are a dime a dozen but very few of them capture the full movement of Opportunities as they come into the pipe, are closed successfully, fall out of the pipe, or move forward or backwards.

In this Excel data graphic, I set out to show each of the most important pipeline metrics about a single week. The rectangles with the blue headings show movement — how many Opportunities have been created, moved from one stage to another, or marked lost. The areas with purple headings show absolutes — how many total Opportunities are in each stage. The bands show an overall total, a total for the current quarter, and a total for next quarter. At the far right, the green, yellow, and red headers denote three outcomes for Opportunities — won, in legal, and lost.

At the bottom of each component, I added an internal hyperlink that brings the viewer to a tab in the spreadsheet which shows the detail of that component, including the value and important identifying attributes of each Opportunity in that block.

Best of all, it can be refreshed by exporting only three Salesforce reports and then doing a simple copy and paste for each one.


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