Ezra has been fantastic! He brings such a positive “we will find a way to do this” approach to every challenge. He listens to the obstacles I am facing and goes far beyond providing solutions – he presents additional ideas to further improve the process in areas I had not considered. Ezra is reliable, thorough, and timely. His communication style provides comfort that he is in command of the technical aspect while ensuring that I understand it at the exact level needed to apply the new process in the most effective way possible.

Tremendous personal service – he made me feel that my project was extremely important – and he delivered. Ezra and I will be working together for years to come.

— Chuck Durakis, President of Durakis Executive Search

I got out of two significant problems with some reporting by using your fabulous files. As I was finishing at 9 p.m. last night, I know the only reason I wasn’t there until midnight was because of the work you had done in helping me be ready for any eventuality.

— Alex Fisk, General Manager and Vice President at Return Path



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