Hiring an independent consultant has many advantages. Consultants are devoted to the task at hand, knowing that their reputation and pay ties directly to our ability to deliver what you need on time. We have experience with a wide array of businesses and Salesforce instances. We aren’t beholden to any political considerations, we get the job done, to your specifications, as best we can.

The only true downside of hiring an independent consultant is that often you lose the benefit of teamwork, of having a group of people think about a problem until they unravel it together. I’m lucky to have a few brilliant Salesforce minds and wonderful people who I can call when I’m stumped or when I think another set of eyes would help produce a better result.

Rachael Chipman

Rachael is a certified Salesforce Developer and Administrator with more than five years of experience in the field. As a self-taught coder, she’s extremely good at approaching problems in a resourceful and practical way.

Ali Hafez

Ali is also a certified Salesforce Developer and Administrator. He’s excellent at asking the right questions to figure out the true requirements of a project. He designs solutions with the end user in mind.


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